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2015 Peterbilt 367

VIN # 258586

This new 2015 Peterbilt 367 is now available at Stahl Peterbilt. For more information, give us a call at 800.252.7981.


  • Engine MakeCUM
  • Engine ModelISX15
  • Horsepower550
  • Wheelbase290
  • TransmissionFuller
  • Transmission ModelRTLO18918B
  • Transmission Speeds18
  • Interior StylePlatinum
  • Paint ColorWhite
  • Rig UpTank


  • Hood123" Fbrgls Sbfa
  • DescriptionVocational
  • Sleeper Style44" Low
  • Front Axle MakeDana
  • Front Axle ModelD2000F
  • Rear Axle ModelT69-170H
  • Axle Ratio4.1
  • Rear Suspension ModelAIR TRAC
  • Interior ColorArctic Gray
  • Odometer6
  • Diff LocksBoth Axles
  • Rear Susp MakePete
  • LOCKED: Ignore On Updatetrue

  • Jasper Stainless Steel Tank
    • Crude tank
    • 21,500 litre capacity
    • 93 degrees celcius max temperature
    • Stainless steel tank: 78" x 22'
    • (2) Titan TD-80 Electronic gauge probes one in each compartment c/w one weatherproof display (dual switched) installed in underslung cabinet
    • (4) Dangerous goods placard holders: One - front truck bumper mount; two - sides of tank man height; one - rear curb side ventline mount man height
    • (2) - Stainless steel 316L Ventline, c/w 3" air to spring valves
    • Scrubber tank installed between 2 vent lines on truck frame
    • 8" x 4" - install approx 12" back from front head on tank centerline and 12" back from front of second compartment
    • (2) - 4" air to spring emergency sump valves stainless steel disk with viton seals c/w operator switches in pump cabinet
    • Front comp - 4" stainless steel 304L plumbing from 4" T&E pump upward through rear of underslung pump cabinet, install 4" flanged manual valve with stainless steel disk and VITON seals in cabinet terminate plumbing with 4" to 3" Type "A" stainless camlock at end
    • 4" Stainless steel 304L By-pass plumbing, from discharge plumbing inside underslung cabinet to sump to pump plumbing inside underslung cabinet c/w 4" manual valve with stainless steel disk and VITON seal
    • One grease manifold for product pump
    • One Jasoer Tank cabinet mounted style pump bracket for T&E pump
    • One - 1" drain valve c/w drain hose. Install on discharge plumbing at low point
    • One pressure gauge installed after pump on discharge plumbing
    • One Jasper tank static reel installed on pump cabinet
    • (2) cabinets: One - 72" stainless steel tall sloped top underslung pump cabinet drivers side of tank, installed up to fender. One - 60" stainless steel tall sloped up underslung pump cabinet on curb side of tank installed up to fender
    • One - 30,000 btu heater installed in underslung pump cabinet with switch in cab
    • One - heat donut between sump and sump valve
    • One - heat donut for c/w valve
    • One - heat donut prior to rear pup line valve
    • One - heat trace pupline
    • Poly urethane foam insulate underslung cabinet floor, doors, and rear wall
    • LED lighting system installed c/w all required clearance lights, 4" round truck signal and brake and backup lights, mounted in fender end light box
    • (6) - LED work lights, one installed front tunnel end point to rear, two mounted front sides of tank point to rear, two mounted rear tunnel end point to rear and one in pump underslung cabinet
    • Jasper tank flat ribbed fenders - drivers side fender mount up to pump underslung cabinet. No gaps between
    • 6" double flat bar hose holders, 3 per side fender mounted c/w one large hose end holder installed front curbside of tank
    • (4) - Jasper tank 5-hole mudflaps
    • (2) - Jasper tank 5/8" mild steel rod antisails painted black
    • Jasper tank mounting package c/w Jasper tank heavy duty upper and lower tie-down brackets, 1" x 3" high density neoprene pads installed in tank frame channel
    • Drop down bumper
    • Dog house style pintle hitch
    • (2) - post style chain hangers: one installed on drivers side and one installed on curb side of tank

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